SAP HANA : Should your business be embracing real-time business practices?

Posted: 30 August 2011 in Press

Oxford Economics has just completed a report based on global survey where they conducted in-depth interviews with more than 525 executives to understand their perceptions of real-time business operations. According to their research, companies that have embraced real-time business practices are now reaping measurable rewards – and anticipating even greater gains in the future. Learn:

  • How companies are working to achieve average revenue gains of 21% and cost reductions of 19%
  • Which industries are ahead of – and behind – the adoption curve
  • How nearly all early adopters plan to continue investing and why so many others are following
  • What obstacles are standing in the way of real-time operations and what it takes to overcome them

From, download “Real-Time Business: Playing to Win in the New Global Marketplace” from Oxford Economics to understand the business impact of adopting real-time business practices for your business.


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